OCR/HIPAA Remediation

For personally-owned devices. Controls compliance in weeks. Not Months.


“Over $32 million in penalties have been awarded in HIPAA-related breaches, and 32% of breaches occur on personally owned devices”

— US Dept. of Health & Human Services

Imagine opening your Zero Day Dashboard to see hundreds of personally-owned computers being brought into compliance each week, without hiring a single new resource, buying enterprise-owned device purchases, or paying OCR fines. Imagine all this being done on-demand, with a detailed audit trail, and for a fraction of the cost you had set aside. This is the reality of what our clients are saying about Zero Day Group.

Zero Day Group’s BYOD remediation service enables any IT department to immediately:

  • Remediate thousands of devices in weeks with our optimized process and elastic cyber-helpdesk
  • Leverage deep security expertise to ensure the appropriate requirements are identified and met
  • Significantly increase value and reduce spend over traditional methods of internal or contractor remediation

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Our simple dashboard takes the hassle out of OCR compliance and lets you focus on your work

IN ONE RECENT EXAMPLE, at a large medical center, we hardened all BYOD laptops and devices cost-effectively and quickly enough to avoid OCR fines.

Zero Day Group recently worked with a large academic healthcare center whose students, residents, and faculty physicians had access to PHI data on their laptops and devices. We updated and patched the operating systems, encrypted the disks, removed malware, and installed end point protection across thousands of devices in weeks.

In the above case, the hospital system saved nearly THREE MILLION DOLLARS.

The alternative to remediating in this tight timeframe would have been to either 1) pay a steep fine or 2) purchase and manage thousands of devices for students, residents, and faculty at a cost of $500-$1500 per device.

What will you focus on with the time and money you save when Zero Day remediates your institution-connected personally-owned devices?

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